The necessity of handling fluids is common during many work activities; particularly in an industrial scenario.


In many countries, continual refinement of legislation has resulted in the need to be more proactive in spill prevention during tasks which involve fluid handling. Leak or spill of environmentally damaging fluids can now result in large penalties being imposed on the offender.

For example, according to UK legislation (2001 COP Regulations), any industrial fuel/oil storage tank capable of holding more than 200 litres is required to have secondary containment provision. This legislation is merely indicative of regulations which are being introduced globally.

The FASTANK Bund has been used successfully for containment of fluid spills, drips and leaks from storage containers in a diverse range of scenarios. Tanks, drums, IBCs or mobile bowsers can be easily manoeuvred into the bund, with minimal lifting, due to the specialised design which allows the side wall to be temporarily lowered for moving of equipment in and out.


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